Gros plan sur un assemblage de charpente bois traditionnelle, chalet poteau poutre en mélèze.


Grosset-Janin’s business was constructed upon fundamental values – a respect for work and for people – which have been strongly ingrained within the family. Since inception, we have been actively engaged in the community and in the preservation of our region’s assets; an important role, in our view. At Grosset-Janin, the ambiance is familial and our convictions run deep: sharing, know-how, authenticity, quality.
A philosophy that still guides us today across the strategic direction of the business.

Our quality

Our wood is sourced in France and Europe, from sustainably managed environments. The stages of transformation, drying and treatment obey strict guidelines and are trusted to local, certified professionals.

We choose local partners and subcontractors for their know-how, their commitment and their work ethics.

We commit to the QUALIBAT certifications to preserve our environment and systematically seek an ecological balance between resources/production/transport/efficiency and quality.


Photo aérienne d'une forêt de sapins.
Gros plan sur les détails d'une pièce de bois. Veines de bois et nœuds.

Our client

With our clients we forge a connection based on trust and sharing. Clients often entrust us with the project of a lifetime, and we understand the expectations that this raises. We spend several months working alongside our clients, meeting their families, witnessing their emotion, sharing moments of joy, and the relationship we build often lasts well into the future.

Photo de plusieurs mains réunies sur un tronc d'arbre.


As a company that is deeply rooted in our region, Grosset-Janin has long been known for its involvement with numerous organisations – often supporting young people – for example in sports, culture, education, heritage or insitutional.
We make it a point of honour to support training and employment for the young people in our region. Through our choice of suppliers, we look for know-how and local enterprises wherever possible.
We are attentive to the well-being of our team, represented in the work setting, communication and conviviality we offer. Human values are at the heart of the management of our company.

Photo de deux mains ouvertes qui présentent une fleur.
forêt de sapin